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I remain utterly terrible at updating this blog.

If you want to keep up with anything I'm writing, AO3 remains your best bet for everything I'm up to as I no longer have anything resembling a fannish tumblr. Here are some handy links in case you're interested:

My AO3 account
My Twitter account
My dreamwidth account (that has fan fiction updates and examples of my current foray into fandom graphics)
My commission post (because I'm still unable to find work in or out of my field and money is incredibly tight).

Twitter is the best way to get into contact with me. I'm doing my best to continue writing and growing as both a writer and a person, but I just keep forgetting that this blog exists until I have to crosspost something between blogs or to communities.

My bad...

Fade to Black - Project Masterpost

Project Title: Fade to Black
Rating: PG-13 to a low R
Warnings: suggestive content
Pairings: Jason/Tim, Bruce/Dick, David/Dick, Bruce/Talia, and, Cass/Onyx
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Talia al Ghul, Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Onyx, David Zavimbe
Beta Credit: welcometodelphi


Five different Batfamily-centered drabbles that follow the tried and true Harlequin romance novel style of ending romance or sex scenes scenes right before the best part.
When good parts start, it’s time to fade to black.

Author Notes:

I’ve been catching up with my Harlequin romances and that put me in the mood to try my hand at it myself (even though my stories are already pretty close as it is as far as AUs and goopy prose is concerned). Hence writing five stories that kind of nod at different tropes used in Harlequin romance novels.
The titles for the stories are the titles for the books that each story would be from if they were part of actual Harlequin romance novels.
Separated into different posts so that people don’t have to scroll past things they don’t ship, it’ll take me two and a half weeks to post all five chapters if I post one drabble every time I’m supposed to update this blog.

Jason/Tim - The Bodyguard’s Close Call
Bruce/Dick - Catch Me If You Want Me
David/Dick - His Consort’s Request
Talia/Bruce - Not A Damsel In Sight
Cass/Onyx - Make Her Sweat
Title: tell me what it feels like getting over
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: canon-typical descriptions of blood and violence, some non-explicit sexuality
Pairings: eventual Bruce/Dick, Barbara/Kory, past Dick/Barbara, Dick/Kory, and implied past instances of Bruce/Harvey and Bruce/Selina
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Kory Anders/Koriand’r, Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, Selina Kyle, Harvey Dent, Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain
Beta Credit: epigenetics and welcometodelphi

Heir to the Grayson’s entertainment empire, Dick Grayson has lost two sets of parents and in the process, gained a younger brother as well as a loving found family. When his attempts at bringing his parents’ circus to Gotham City are met with threatening notes and suspicious packages, Dick winds up with a compellingly handsome bodyguard taking up space in his home as a murderer follows on their heels.

Author Notes:
This story was started when I asked myself several questions:

  • What if I wrote a role reversal story set in an alternate universe where Dick was the rich orphan and Bruce was a kid that grew up poor (and in Park Row)?

  • What if that story was also filled with queer relationships?

  • What if I managed to write a romantic relationship between Bruce and Dick that couldn’t rely on canon-typical expressions of their relationship (the pseudo-parental stuff as well as the years of history between them)?

  • What if there were murders and drama akin to an episode of NCIS but without all the fridging of women and POC?

  • Is it possible to racebend classic comic characters while using fiction as your medium?

I wanted to try to write a slow build story for my favorite pairing and this is as slow as they get. Originally started for the DCU Big Bang for 2012, this work of fan fiction is currently halfway finished and will have a regular (but slow) update schedule as I work to finish the story.
(The links currently don't work as I haven't gone back and linked to AO3)
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Epilogue

Related Stories:
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Love on top - Bruce/Dick

Title: Love on top
Pairing or Characters:. Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dick has plenty planned when it comes to making good use of Bruce’s office on the top floor of Wayne Tower
Contains: fingering, (lead-in to) anal sex, brief impact play/spanking, frottage, food mentions, safe sex
Notes: This is a (slightly late) birthday gift for the talented tumblr user kleine-asbar who expressed a desire to see Bruce bottom.
Beta credit: Yam who also did double duty on twitter as a cheerleader when the going got rough.


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Summer of '63

Title: Summer of ‘63
Pairing or Characters: Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne
Rating: R/Mature
Contains: hints of a Mommy/baby kink and D/s
Summary: “Come on over and give the nice policeman a kiss.”
Notes: I finished reading Batman Thrillkiller (and highly recommend it to anyone who has a craving for an edgy Elseworlds series) and decided that I wanted an AU where Dick, Babs, and Bruce live grumpily ever after and fight crime in that world instead of well... everything going to hell.


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We just carried on (DC)

Title: We just carried on
Pairing or Characters: Tim Drake/Kon-El
Rating: Mature
Summary: Not for the first time does Tim miss the big picture until it’s too late.
Notes: This is a commission for the awesome ciclo-de-la-tortuga who wanted a friends-with-benefits story that had a clueless Conner (in terms of Tim’s affections) and didn’t have anything resembling a happy ending for Tim. (The title comes from Mika’s Happy Endings as it was my song of the day while I was writing.)


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Yes, Sir (DC)

Title: Yes, Sir
Pairing or Characters: Tim Drake/Jason Todd
Rating: Teen
Contains: Non-explicit sexual content, D/s
Summary: It’s something at first sight. (Also known as the story where Tim is a pro Dom and Jason is a good boy)



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Little Black Dress (DC)

Title: Little Black Dress
Pairing or Characters: Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson
Rating: Teen
Contains: a developing relationship between an adult and a teenager, crossdressing for justice, non-explicit sexual content
Summary: Bruce has rules and boundaries in place for their time together. After a mission that leaves those boundaries shaky, Dick finds himself determined to see how far he can bend Bruce’s rules without breaking them.
Notes: This is a commission quality story written for tumblr user eliandr who was one of three winners in my giveaway on my fiction blog on tumblr. The prompt was for Dick initiating things, cross-dressing, and one more thing that did not actually make it into the story


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